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JE Dunn's extensive experience and deliberate approach make us more than simply a builder, but an indispensble buisness partner.

There is a saying that “the right perspective makes the impossible possible.” At JE Dunn, we agree. Sometimes the best solution to a problem is a fresh set of eyes.

The results are even better when that fresh set of eyes comes with deep construction knowledge. With over 80 years of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) experience among our core team members, JE Dunn’s team has dealt with almost every construction challenge you can imagine. Everyone on our all-star team of national experts has a career’s worth of background in delivering successful life sciences construction projects. We will bring that level of industry knowledge to your project.

JE Dunn’s experts have come to us from some of the biggest names in the construction industry, all for the same reason: We provide an environment where they can thrive and do the best work possible. Our team members benefit from the latest in technology, and the latest in procedures and protocols. That makes a big difference to your success – from the very first time we walk onto your project site.

Our experience is particularly important to the life sciences industry, where new therapies and new technologies add another level of complexity to construction projects. To be successful, you need a construction partner that truly understands the industry, and can deliver results that emphasize safety, quality, and speed.

With this in mind, ask yourself three key questions:

Is your construction firm an indispensable business partner?

With JE Dunn on your team, you have a business partner that is extremely efficient, detail-oriented, and supportive of your efforts. From the day a project is visualized, we work with clients to understand the purpose and goals behind their projects. We put ourselves in your shoes. Life sciences projects revolve around research, manufacturing, and associated GMP operations, so it is essential to work with process engineers, equipment vendors, and CQV specialists in the concept design phase. JE Dunn encourages early engagement with these resources, ensuring certainty of outcome on even the most complex projects.  

JE Dunn’s track record of success starts by defining expectations with clients at the outset of every project. We deliver proven transformational solutions, and we are laser-focused on an exceptional client experience. With our decades of knowledge, we can identify potential issues in advance, bringing a range of solutions specifically tailored to our client’s expectations. We anticipate project needs and the resources required to keep a job moving, and we are committed to staying on schedule. Our over-arching ambition is the highest level of engagement – exactly what you would expect from an indispensable business partner.

How are you handling your cost estimates?

At JE Dunn, we understand construction inside-out, so there is never any need to blue-sky an estimate. Before the words “data analytics” were buzzing around our industry, JE Dunn was already engaged in what is now known as Industry 4.0. We maintain an extensive national project estimating database from our history of successful projects in the science and technology sector. For both us and our clients, that is a handy reference for how we have done similar work successfully in the past.  

Our methods for continuous estimating and Target Value Design (TVD) mean that even as projects roll out – from concept, to detailed design, to the construction phase – we are continually updating your detailed estimate, procurement plan, bid packages, and trade partner schedules.  As projects evolve, you arrive at optimal solutions faster by being able to draw on past experiences and by updating costs continuously. We know from practical experience that life sciences clients truly appreciate this level of commitment.

With JE Dunn’s vast repository of historical pricing information at our fingertips, no one is ever forced to reinvent the wheel every time a new project comes along.

Do you need a builder or a consultant?

To be an indispensable business partner, we need to find ways to add value to the client-builder relationship. As your builder, we are your hands-on construction partner, and are invested in your success. We are with you from design through start-up, commissioning, and turnover – unlike a consultant, who does not share those risks.

JE Dunn teams with high quality, prequalified trade partners and their capabilities, under our supervision, are a powerful workforce.  Quality construction, leveraging lean planning and construction concepts, is a jointly held core value making field resources more efficient.  Various scopes of work can be well-coordinated, and we have direct control over field and workflow. This gives us the best possible quality outcome and allows us to respond nimbly with appropriate resources as projects change over time.

Your project demands a business partner who understands the requirements of your regulated environment. JE Dunn offers a new perspective, a fresh set of eyes, and the specific experience you need to meet those requirements and, more importantly, deliver life-saving medicines.