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Robertson Life Sciences Building

The Robertson Life Sciences Building is a unique, multi-use facility housing five stories above-grade of advanced biomedical research, as well as undergraduate science education, and medical and dental professional programs which will serve over 1600 students annually. The building was designed as a fast-track construction project in under 10 months, with construction beginning four months prior to completion of design. One of the highlights of the building are five floors of collaborative research facilities, designed to accommodate a rotation of the nation’s premier cancer research scientists.  In support of these research efforts is the Oregon Center for Spatial Systems Biomedicine - housing seven electron microscopes (TEM and SEM) and numerous ILEM and other optical microscopes.  All of which have extremely low tolerances for vibration, electromagnetic interference (EMI), heat and cooling variances, and lighting requirements. The CLSB project also includes the Skourtes Tower, a 12 story above-grade structure, housing the School of Dentistry Clinical training, clinics, research spaces and two levels of underground parking.  Total square footage for both buildings is 652,510 square feet.