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Lenexa Civic Center

JE Dunn, in conjunction with PGAV Architects, recently completed a 369,000 SF mixed-used Lenexa Civic Center encompassing more than five acres to include new recreation components, civic components and public gathering spaces. The project resulted in four different public spaces across campus including City Hall with chamber and public market, the recreation center with an aquatic center including pools, water slides and a lazy river, an outdoor amphitheater and a 5-story 500-car parking garage. The project conception was citizen-led and has helped Lenexa visualize their dream of starting a new downtown in Lenexa.

The City of Lenexa had desired items with predetermined dollars and dates set in place for our team to incorporate. These desired items came from meetings with the City of Lenexa and user groups consisting of Lenexa citizens. Working collaboratively, JE Dunn, CBC Real Estate Group, PGAV and the City of Lenexa worked for several months to finalize design and ensure that the project was within budget without compromising programming or quality. Ultimately, a design and plan was set in place to provide the City of Lenexa and Lenexa citizens their desired items within the set budget.

During construction, JE Dunn and the full design team of PGAV, Henderson Engineers, Leigh & O’Kane, Water Technologies Inc. and GBA collaborated on a regular basis throughout the 22-month construction process to provide the Lenexa community with state of the art, quality and sustainable buildings possible.  The daily coordinating, brainstorming and problem solving were a must to keep the project on track.