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Kansas Dairy Ingredients Processing Plant

The Kansas Dairy Ingredients Phase I project consists of a 15,300 SF pre-engineered metal building which includes insulated metal wall panels with plasitizol for easy wash down in the process areas. The plant includes a Raw Milk Clean in Place area, a process room with two ultra filtration machines, and a 7,000 SF masonry tank vestibule that houses five – 60,0000 gallon silos, two – 20,000 gallon silos and a 10,000 gallon silo. The plant is currently producing 1 million pounds of fractionated dairy ingredients and as production grows it will produce 2.5 million pounds. Phase II is an expansion that includes a 10,000 SF pre-engineered metal building and additional receiving areas, lactose haul out area and four, additional 60,000 gallon finished product silos.