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Johnson County Courthouse
The Johnson County Courthouse (JCCH) project involves the design and construction of a new Courthouse to serve all functions of the Tenth Judicial District Court, District Attorney and supporting spaces. The Tenth Judicial District Court includes Criminal, Civil, Family, Veteran’s, Probate and CINC courts along with High-Volume Traffic and Small Claims.
The JCCH will include 28 courtrooms and provide convertible space for six additional future courtrooms. Supporting functions include Court Administration, Court Clerk, Help Center, Court Trustee, Justice Information Management, Sheriff’s Office, Law Library along with court support, inmate staging, jury services, secure parking, public lobby and security.
A secure below grade parking garage for 41 judicial officer spaces and a secure in-custody transfer area with space for five transport vans will be provided. The below grade structure is to include a tunnel extension from the Olathe Central Booking and Adult Detention Center to the new courthouse for movement of in-custody detainees.