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Chillicothe Correctional Center

JE Dunn completed the 50-acre, 452,371-square-foot facility consisting of five butterfly-shaped housing units, with future plans to add an additional housing unit. The five units have the capacity to hold a total of 1,636 inmates. The facility is the largest design-build project ever undertaken by the State of Missouri.

A unique feature of the facility is the design of its central plant, which houses the HVAC equipment. To address the state’s desire for an energy efficient system, the team designed the state-of-the-art plant to include high efficient boilers and upgraded HVAC controls. The central utility loop was also designed 12-16 feet above-grade, rather than underground. This type of design allows problems to be identified quickly and repairs to be made easily. The design also utilizes the building structures to support the loop, which helped to save on insulation and support for the main loop.

Another unique feature of the facility is its pre-cast concrete, bearing-wall construction. Use of the pre-cast materials allowed the facility to be designed and built in less than two years. The design began in July 2006, and rather than the average three years to complete, substantial completion of the facility was in June 2008.