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Restoration Hardware

JE Dunn recently completed Restoration Hardware The Gallery at Town Center. The gallery spans three stories and 56,000 SF and is one of the first Restoration Hardware showrooms/gallery spaces in the country. 

The showroom’s central hall features 13-foot-tall ceilings and a cast-stone Tuscan colonnade. The gallery features ample natural light, thanks in part to a 37-foot-long skylight. The second level features a 10,000 SF exhibition space with Restoration Hardware art collections. There is also a 5,000 SF studio, where customers can work with architects and designers to conceptualize their space. The third floor is a roof-top showroom for outdoor furniture that features three permanent pergolas. 

JE Dunn met the tight schedule and completed the project within the initial 11-month duration. With the number of high-end finishes in the building, quality control was crucial throughout this process. Our quality control team created mock-ups for the exterior stucco system, the ornamental steel and the ceiling coordination. Creating accurate mock-ups prior to installation allowed our team to stay on schedule and get it right the first time. This project was a true team effort. With the owner based in San Francisco, the architect in Scottsdale, and the structural engineer in Seattle, communication among all parties was paramount in the success of this project.