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Nashville International Airport Terminal Parking Garage

The new state-of-the-art parking garage at the Nashville International Airport (BNA) offers 2,200 parking spaces, a variety of amenities for travelers and a dedicated Ground Transportation Center for commercial vehicles. This project was a major component of the airport’s growth and expansion plan, BNA Vision.

The 6-story garage features a variety of modern conveniences including: parking space guidance system, electric vehicle charging stations, tire inflation station, vehicle locator kiosks, pay-on-foot kiosks, and more. The garage includes a fully covered top tier to prevent the airport from needing to plow snow or mitigate ice for the building’s 50-year life span. Two pedestrian canopies will allow visitors to walk from the new garage and the CONRAC to the Terminal while remaining shielded from the weather.

BNA’s Parking and Transportation Center was designed and built utilizing ParksmartTM, the world’s only rating system designed to advance sustainable mobility through smarter parking structure design and operation. JE Dunn brought together all stakeholders to better understand the airport’s entire operation. After collaboratively analyzing the details, it became clear the quantity of parking spaces available was a revenue driver for the airport, as such a revised phasing created a net positive quantity of spaces throughout the project due to the airport’s ability to use the new garage in a sequenced fashion.

JE Dunn self-performed the concrete package for this project, which included a cast-in-place canopy and 37,500 cubic yards of concrete, totaling $33 million.