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Kansas City Zoo

JE Dunn Construction is proud to have completed a number of projects at the Kansas City Zoo for Friends of the Zoo and the Parks and Recreation Department. Currently the Penguin Exhibit is under construction by JE Dunn. Over the past several decades, JE Dunn has provided construction management services for a number of zoo projects and exhibits. Based on our past experience working at the Zoo facility, we recognize the critical nature of close coordination in performing work in an effort to minimize disruption to staff, guests, and subcontractors. On every project, we have made it a standard to develop a mobilization plan that takes into consideration the need to make the work as minimally invasive to guests and staff as possible. The Kansas City Zoo is a wonderful place for families, schools, and visitors of all ages, and it is our mission to keep it that way even during construction and renovation.

JE Dunn most recently completed a 9,652 square foot addition and remodel including new asphalt parking, concrete entry roads, decorative concrete entry plaza, otter exhibit, stroller storage building, renovation of the Deramus Building to a classroom setting, and the renovation of the administration building for a new ticketing area, deli and visitor services. This phased 3-year program involved renovation and replacement of 175 acres of the Kansas City Zoo. JE Dunn provided program and construction management services, writing and implementing the processes that supported the Zoo throughout the project. JE Dunn closely coordinated with the general contractors responsible for over 20 various exhibits and 30 separate projects.

JE Dunn Construction provided construction of the original Deramus building, a 2-story, 79,250 square foot facility that included office spaces for Friends of the Zoo, I-Max Theatre, entry experience and walk, fresh water aquarium, ticketing, gift shop, classrooms and community rooms, an inviting lobby and circulation spaces into and out of the Kansas City Zoo. JE Dunn also constructed public pathways and gardens complete with wooden bridges, pathways and tiered pools and ponds that lead visitors from the parking areas to the ticketing/building entry. The World Gate Plaza was the area for Zoo visitors to choose a destination into the Zoo from the entry building. Work included hardscape and softscape construction.

JE Dunn also provided construction management services in the construction of a 3,638 square foot orangutan holding facility. The structure is 2-story block with precast concrete and corrugated metal roofing. It features seven inside stalls, one dayroom and two outside stalls for primate viewing in inclement weather. Slab-on-grade heating circulates hot water through a floor system while the air-conditioning provides high frequency air changes for the health of the animals. A special high-pressure wash system provides stall cleanup and waste removal into an underground trench system. The facility also features a Primadome, a 32-foot diameter, open-air, domed structure that replicates the orangutan’s habitat for outdoor viewing of the primates in a natural setting.