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Waterloo Tower
Waterloo Tower

Next Tallest Tower on West Campus

Waterloo will be a 30-story high rise community, the first ever in West Campus. The 373,000 SF building will consist of 241 units and 796 beds housed on 25 resident levels, in combination with 4 floors of above grade parking on levels 2 through 5, providing 101 parking spaces, and lively ground floor engagement and activation spaces. Waterloo will be bustling with life, drawing in guests and future residents to utilize the vibrant and inviting street level lobby and lounge area with an integrated local coffee purveyor to study, interact with the community, connect with friends or grab a quick refreshment. Additionally, a mezzanine level with a private lounge, multiple conference/study rooms and a complimentary coffee bar will be available to residents and their guests.

  • Ownership Development Partners:
    Lincoln Ventures
  • Architect:
    BOKA Powell / Wuest Group
  • Investor:
    JE Dunn Capital Partners