The Benefits

Zero Change Orders issued during the first three years of this five-year project

Major design changes due to unforeseen conditions resulted in $0 cost to the owner (ie. early revamp of stone cleaning and window removal process)

“Time after time, when unknown conditions were encountered, the construction team and architects, in partnership with the state, were able to pivot and find new solutions. JE Dunn and their partners were always cognizant of our budget and sought solutions to ensure the project would stay within our means. Communication between the construction team and the owner team was prioritized throughout the process.”

Trait Thompson
State Capitol Project Manager
Oklahoma Office of Management & Enterprise Services

Restoring the Oklahoma State Capitol

Trait Thompson of the Oklahoma Office of Management and Enterprise Services said that in many ways the exterior restoration of the Capitol was one of the most challenging parts of the entire Capitol restoration. The design-build team (JE Dunn, Treanor HL, and ADG|Blatt) managed for five years:

  • 21 miles of mortar joints repointed
  • 477 steel windows restored
  • 4,600 stones repaired
  • A new copper roof installed
  • Repair and restoration of original doors and lighting

The design-build team made this an experience to remember. They focused weekly communication on the owner’s concerns, interests, and decisions to be made. They worked closely with trade partners to build out a multi-phased design plan and schedule to accommodate a fully operational building. That plan was shared with the client. Work sequences and progress updates were also shared with those working inside the capitol and impacted by the construction.


Top to bottom, accountability and communication channels were established, leaving no room for issues to hide, or be forgotten. That included unknown conditions. No one likes to hear about unknown conditions, but on a 100-year-old, historic building, they were bound to surface.T

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