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Skilled Trades Dunn by Blue
Skilled Trades and Self Perform Expertise
Skilled Trades Dunn by Blue
Skilled Trades Dunn by Blue
Throughout JE Dunn’s extensive history our skilled trades workforce have honed their skills in different scopes to add value to our projects. There are many advantages to using JE Dunn's self perform capabilities. We can offer the flexibility to respond quickly to program and scope changes, increased quality supervision on site, efficient utilization of field crews, better overall coordination of various scopes of work, and direct control of work flow and page. Our established high performance safety culture and control of project scheduling are further benefits of using Skilled Trades Dunn by Blue. From concrete to carpentry and everywhere in between, our highly skilled workforce puts work in day in and day out as true builders.

Concrete is nothing new to the skilled trades workforce at JE Dunn. Over the last decade, our team has poured more than 1.25 million cubic yards of concrete. This is equivalent to lining up concrete trucks bumper to bumper for 789 miles, or the distance from Dallas to Atlanta. Whether it be our skilled trades setting the forms for the concrete, installing reinforcing steel, pouring or finishing the concrete our skilled trades ensure this critical element to every building is completed safely, efficiently and with the best quality in the market.


The tradition of carpentry runs strong through our skilled trades workforce. Our teams tackle several carpentry scopes with precision honed over years of practice. Whether it be installation of doors, frames & hardware, casework, trim, finish wall paneling or specialties, our skilled trade carpenters pursue safety and quality from start to finish.


Demolition requires extensive care and planning to ensure the safety of everyone involved as well as minimal area disturbance. Whether it be brute wall-smashing demolition, precision salvage, protection of historic materials, or demolition within occupied spaces, our skilled trades workforce ensures the right skillset, tools and process are applied to each task.

Drywall & Ceilings

Whether it be framing walls, hanging & finishing wallboard or installation of acoustical ceiling our teams execute these fundamental scopes so that we can provide greater quality and schedule control on our fast-paced projects.

Female mason worker

Hardly just bricklayers, our skilled trades masons provide a highly sought-after skill set. JE Dunn masons install brick veneer, CMU, stone floor and wall paneling, masonry restoration, cast and dimensional stone, paving and many other masonry project elements. Our teams provide a beautiful, timeless end-product that is complete safely and with the utmost quality in the industry.


Structural or miscellaneous steel is found in all projects JE Dunn builds. Our skilled trades workforce can procure and install everything from complete steel structures to steel stairs to ornamental steel railings and everything in between. When the opportunities present themselves installation of these materials gives us the ability to ensure a safe, quality installation in a timely and efficient manner.


Our skilled trades workforce precast installation expertise includes a vast spectrum of product types. Architectural precast, parking garages, structural wall panels, and total building systems all fall within our team’s installation wheelhouse. Teaming with precast supplier early in the project our installation of these products allow us improved speed to installation while maintaining control over safety, quality and price.