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We are committed to completing projects according to schedule, and our Dunn on Time group is critical to that success.

JE Dunn’s national planning and scheduling group, Dunn on Time, is responsible for maintaining a knowledge base for planning and scheduling lessons learned. This group provides extensive company-wide training to continuously improve planning and scheduling processes. Offerings include processes like:

  • schedule development
  • preconstruction planning and scheduling
  • project scheduling maintenance
  • schedule review verifications
  • jobsite visit reviews
  • recovery schedules
  • time impact analysis for changes
  • pull planning tie-in to the CPM schedule
  • and more

Working collectively with the entire project team, Dunn on Time’s schedules are established with a maximum amount of input. Once the final date is established, the group has a successful track record of meeting the milestone dates established for the completion of specific line items and achieving the final competition date.