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Safety. Everyone. Everywhere. All the time. Simple words for a complex concept, but we strive to live this safety philosophy every single day.

At JE Dunn, health and safety are a culture we are proud to identify with. We are committed to creating secure environments that keep each individual safe on and off the jobsite. That’s why we choose to live by one of our leadings principles –  Safety. Everyone. Everywhere. All the time. Whether we rank as a National Construction Safety Excellence honoree by the Association of General Contractors of America or work as team to turn problems into solutions, our dedication to health and safety continues to remain a core value throughout the company.

Delivering a safe project starts long before the first worker sets foot on site. Our safety specialists evaluate every project and develop project-specific safety plans that exceed federal, state, and other applicable laws and building codes. JE Dunn safety specialists are divided into  safety director, project manager, and project superintendent and are jointly responsible for project safety.

Safety results are measured for each division and division managers are responsible for the results. We also make sure that all JE Dunn and trade partner staff are fully trained and certified. JE Dunn has an excellent safety history. The National Council on Compensation Insurance rates general contractors yearly based on their claims cost from on-the-job injuries.