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Having in-house mechanical and electrical expertise for over 20 years now has not only differentiated JE Dunn from our competition, it has allowed JE Dunn to provide the true full service expertise expected from a premier general contractor.

Today’s building systems are more integral to business use than ever. The way our clients utilize their facilities has necessitated a higher level of reliability and integration for systems today that are much more complex. With more than 20 years of in-house mechanical and electrical expertise, our work has allowed us to provide the true full-service expertise expected from a premier general contractor.

JE Dunn provides accurate MEP budgets in the billions annually, and effectively evaluate design options with Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in mind. Our projects begin with internal constructability reviews and overhead clash detection using BIM. The VDC technology has increased our ability to prefabricate more work offsite, increasing productivity and safety in the field. Periodic site inspections with mechanical and electrical personnel put that critical eye on the install, so start-up and building turnover happens smoothly. JE Dunn is excited to bring our in-house MEP expertise in energy efficiency, renewable energy, TCO, construction, and commissioning (Cx) to your team.

JE Dunn is a true advocate of commissioning (Cx) and can provide this credentialed service in-house. Regardless of the level of process, having the internal self-assurance that the building systems are installed and operating as designed is paramount for a successful project.