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Safety on our Jobsites

The health and well-being of all employees and partners remains our top priority. That’s why from day one, our Covid-19 response evolved daily—and continues to develop—as the CDC and WHO guidelines progress. We are following the direction of state and local governments that have issued orders advising whether construction is deemed an essential work activity and implemented measures on jobsites across the country pursuant to those orders. For those projects that remained open, the first message to workers, both those who work for JE Dunn as well as trade partners, was that nobody was required to come to work; reporting to work was an individual choice.

As the situation was rapidly evolving, so too did many of our safety measures. To avoid cross-contamination inside and/or outside of projects, we started implementing additional provisions, such as:

  • Social distancing – We modified and adjusted work areas to accommodate the 6-foot required distance to adhere to guidelines. In addition, we reconfigured break and lunch spaces to discourage gathering or congregating in close proximity.
  • Additional sanitation – We added additional cleaning of high contact areas, extra sanitation and hand washing stations, and we are minimizing meeting size/changing to online meetings as much as possible.

Construction is generally done in a way that can support social distancing and lends itself well to CDC guidelines, as we always require 100% utilization of gloves, eye protection and other PPE.  A list of measures we have taken to keep our sites safe include:

  • Shift work to reduce personnel density on site
  • Visual and verbal reminders of social distancing
  • Requirement to wear masks
  • Limiting work force in constricted spaces
  • Phasing break and lunch shifts and setting the space for social distancing
  • Increased hand washing and sanitizing stations
  • Increased cleaning of high touch and high traffic areas
  • Signage of CDC reminders to wash hands, not touch face, etc.
  • Screening, including temperature scans, potential symptom monitoring, exposure questions, etc., on many projects
  • Specifically identified individuals on certain projects to oversee the above items

Although we try to update our requirements daily, situations will continue to evolve, so specific questions for local government regulations should be directed to local office leadership.