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USACE Medical MATOC Tyndall AFB Repair Clinic

JE Dunn recently completed the design-build Medical Clinic at Tyndall Air Force Base. This project consisted of the renovation and penthouse addition of the 69,044 SF Medical Clinic and a new 2,267 SF veterinary clinic. Built in 1964, the medical clinic was severely outdated. A comprehensive renovation was performed to enhance the clinic’s efficiency. Before, the departments were spread across the clinic, some located in other buildings. The 325th Medical Group wanted the building to house all medical services for the base. All departments were moved into the building to streamline staff productivity and the patient experience. The building and surrounding parking lot were brought up to ATFP standards. A NEW ENTRANCE The most noticeable part of the exterior renovation is the addition of the new drop-off canopy. The canopy gives the building a new face and serves as wayfinding for those who visit. Three different types of roofing were used to create the distinct look and provide sunlight. The canopy is held up by four unique pillars made of metal composite wall panels. It gives the clinic a new façade to match the interior renovation. The veterinary clinic was outdated and unable to serve its full purpose. JE Dunn built a new one-story, 2,267 SF veterinary clinic across from the medical clinic. Additionally, the mechanical systems were modernized. The original system contained 17 AHUs spread throughout the building that needed to be replaced. All other mechanical components required attention as well. To simplify the system, JE Dunn built two 1,450 SF mechanical penthouse additions on the second floor. This allowed us to replace the 17 AHUs with 5 new ones and modify any mechanical that needed attention. These new additions simplified the outdated systems and made them immensely easier to maintain. EXPERIENCE ON BASE Our team understands the need to minimize our construction footprint and impact on ongoing operations of Tyndall’s active military base. Our experience on-base allowed us to take a proactive approach to determining ways to continue working amongst other contractors/projects without impacting schedule. This included engaging with USACE and other contractors in regular coordination meetings to develop channels of communication up-front. JE Dunn has also developed relationships with trade partners in the Florida panhandle on projects over the last 10 years and can leverage these relationships to recruit the best trade partners. HURRICANE MICHAEL When Hurricane Michael hit Tyndall AFB, JE Dunn was in the middle of a phased turnover for the clinic. Some areas that were completed and almost ready for turnover had to be reworked. Many subcontractors and laborers left the area, and supplies and equipment were in short supply. JE Dunn worked with the base and USACE, extending the contract by four and a half months to make up for the time lost. The project team had all hands on deck to rework what had been affected by the storm and start the second phase on the renovation. JE Dunn completed the project two weeks ahead of schedule in December 2019.