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USACE Medical MATOC Hurlburt Field Medical Clinic

The JE Dunn team completed the Hurlburt Field Medical Clinic project through a national MATOC with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. These projects were conducted over multiple phase sand for multiple buildings including the following: approximately 51,874 SF clinic renovation of a mostly 1-story and partial 2-story facility; three, new entry vestibules; replacement of perimeter windows and clerestory; new structural mezzanine; approximately 1,000 SF of an expanded pharmacy; 5,390 SF building renovation including replacement of all windows;23,242 SF, 2-story building renovation; new LVS and infrastructure upgrades to the Logistics building; fire suppression, LVS and infrastructure upgrades to the Administration building; infrastructure upgrades to the main clinic building including Dental, Pharmacy, Radiology, Lab, TOPA, Facility Management, Optometry, Pediatrics, Ambulance Classrooms, Immunizations, Women’s Health, and Family Medicine. The JE Dunn’s goal was to meet the client’s goals and expectations. The team aimed to provide a creative and innovative design solution that supports best healthcare practices. The solution was wellness centered and optimized functional adjacencies for ease of operations.