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USACE AFMS Medical MATOC Columbus AFB Medical/Dental Clinic Repairs

Major facility improvements are complete at Columbus Air Force Base Medical Clinic in Columbus, Mississippi. The 61,000-square-foot modernization of this facility will result in increased energy efficiency and improved building systems. This medical clinic building, Building 1100, was originally constructed in 1959 and designed as a 35-bed inpatient healthcare facility. The scope of this project was to renovate the clinic in its entirety to better accommodate the services offered by the 14th Medical Group. This project also included relocating the dental clinic, Building 1004, into the medical clinic in Building 1100. This renovation will also greatly increase operational efficiency and provide better access of different departments for our patients. To ensure a productive environment for both the project team and current facility occupants, some departments were relocated to a temporary facility while construction was underway inside the medical clinic.