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USACE AFMS Dover Clinic Renovation

JE Dunn, through a national medical MATOC with the Corps of Engineers, constructed the Medical Group (436th MDG) Building 300 at Dover AFB in Dover, Delaware. The renovation work totals approximately 62,448 square feet. The project also includes work on the facility Variable Air Volume (VAV) boxes and two main chillers, and complete renovation to the buildings emergency power system, including a new generator. Building 300 was constructed in 1958 as a patient facility and is three stories with a basement. The facility functions as an outpatient clinic. Medical treatment facility operations were maintained and functional during three major phases of construction, with multiple sub phases.

The department included renovation to primary care, family health, women’s health, pediatrics, medical records, education and training, behavior health, command, public health, flight medicine, immunization, pharmacy and Llab. During construction, JE Dunn performed infection control risk management, along with implementing the ICRA plan throughout the renovations of each department. The project utilized temporary phasing facilities for temporary department transitions and moves from start to finish.