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U.S. Department of Energy National Nuclear Security Administration National Security Campus

The 1,572,278 SF, secure, NNSA National Security Campus houses large and microelectronic manufacturing spaces, clean rooms for component assembly and testing, laboratories, mission critical operations, offices and warehouse space for the Department of Energy. The NNSA estimated a savings of $100 million per year in operating costs would be possible when the new campus was fully occupied in 2014. The campus houses 2,500 employees.

Within the campus is an administrative space consisting of a three-story, 340,250 SF steel frame office building. For security purposes, the building was designed to be flexible to allow what are referred to as “outer,” “middle,” and “inner” areas and access is restricted accordingly. The building uses both demountable partitions and fixed walls in order to help achieve this flexibility. As such, the spaces are adaptable and can be reconfigured in a quick and cost effective manner, when needed.

The campus houses non-nuclear, high-tech electronic components and assemblies on a large scale for the NNSA in support of the national defense effort. Spaces provided for large-scale, microelectronic manufacturing and critical process-related production spaces in a clean environment include microelectronic and component assembly and electrical fabrication; excess and reclamation processes; labs and engineering labs; manufacturing; specialized materials production; plastics and rubber processes; special warehouse storage. There are approximately 100 miles of mechanical pipe placed on the campus.

The building includes 150,000 SF of modular and fixed Class 100, Class 10,000 and Class 100,000 clean rooms for assembly, electrical fabrication and testing. The mechanical systems are constructed to control and prevent cross-contamination.

The automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS) within the NNSA project operates throughout Building 2 of the National Security Campus facility. The system, installed by Dematic, runs along a guide rail through multiple aisles.