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University of Oklahoma Student Housing Expansion Residential Colleges

The Residential Colleges are two Residential Colleges, as identified from the University’s Student Housing Master Plan. The main goal of these Residential Colleges is to offer upperclassmen the opportunity tocontinue living on campus in a unique environment, while building relationships and a sense of community with their fellow students. The Residential Colleges are comprised of a two five-story residential towers connected to a central, single story building which provides for a separate dining hall, private dining room and servery for each college. A central kitchen will provide food services to each college. Partial basements are located under each building. All together, the West College, East College and Kitchen/Dining Facilities comprise approximately 260,000 gross square feet. The Residential Colleges are to be located where a surface parking lot exists just south of the football stadium, on the south side of Lindsey Street. The site boundaries are Asp Avenue to the west, Lindsey Street to the north and Jenkins Avenue to the east. Both colleges will house a total of 640 residents, not including the Faculty-in-Residence or Residence Director.