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University of Oklahoma Central Utilities Plant

JE Dunn completed the University of Oklahoma Central Utilities Plant utilizing two 7MW gas turbine electric generators with two hear recovery steam generators, four 2,500 TON chillers and built up cooling towers. Construction also included new tunnel systems to expand the campus steam and chilled water distribution.

Coordination with equipment vendors and manufacturers played a vital role in the success of the project. The plant features new Cogeneration equipment as well as new chillers. With lead time for gas turbines and heat recovery steam generators ranging from 24-36 months, JE Dunn worked closely with the engineers and manufacturers to allow for pre-purchasing of the equipment in order to meet the project schedule.

JE Dunn used BIM coordination to ensure the large pieces of equipment and piping component would fit within the plant’s allowed spaces. Each manufacturer and trade partner modeled their scope of work and weekly meetings were held to allow for seamless installation. JE Dunn utilized a “just in time” delivery method to ensure these large pieces of equipment would be transported directly to the job site when it was time to put them in place.