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University of Kansas Medical Center Parking Garage #5

The new 2,200-vehicle garage five building’s precast superstructure is six stories tall and two city blocks in length. Human-purposed design in this situation means offering a building that’s simple, open, and easy to use. These are the outcomes that have guided the design of the garage. Each of the large for plates is fat,  with a speed ramp at the north end. This layout minimizes engine idle times,  affords efficient entry and exit, and is easy to understand as a motorist. The entire garage contains tall floor to floor heights, maximizing cross ventilation and permitting ADA van access on every level. Glass-clad circulation towers in each corner are simple and easily identifiable. Parking garages have historically been excluded from LEED certification eligibility. ParkSmart is a new certification program tailored specifically for garages, and like LEED is administered by the U.S. Green Building Council. Garage 5 will be the among the first projects in the region to attain ParkSmart certification, and will do so at the program’s highest level of Gold.