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United States Postal Service Processing and Distribution Center

Located on a 50-acre industrial site, this project remains the largest replacement facility ever built for USPS.

Constructed as part of a joint venture partnership with Intech, this 937,910 SF facility includes state-of-the-art electrical and mechanical systems, extensive truck docks, loading and unloading areas, employee parking, a kitchen and 264-seat cafeteria. The project includes Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) areas, administrative offices for over 100 staff, a Network Operations Center, guard facilities and backup generators.

The material handling system in the Philadelphia P&DC is a point-to-point mail handling system that tracks trays of mail from induction, through delivery to Mail Processing Equipment (MPE), to Automated Seamless Dispatch (ASD), and sorting for dispatch. The system is capable of labeling, reading, and sorting trays with USPS bar code labels.

The Integrated Process Control (IPC) system collects tray information from strategically placed bar code readers and directs tray movement through the system at speeds up to three meters per second. Highlights of the mail handling system include: approximately 740 linear feet of sorter, nine induction stations, 36 discharge chutes, and approximately 100 incline/ decline spirals with motorized power rollers.

Our team worked with the mechanical and electrical engineers to coordinate fixed mechanization utility requirements, and to ensure that there are no interferences with lighting and HVAC locations. We also coordinated conveyor openings in walls, fire protection requirements, and access platforms. Due to the high electrical loads, the project has a large electrical distribution center, with backup generators to prove uninterrupted emergency power.