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SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory MEP Remodel

The Accelerator Infrastructure Project, (Project), consisted of modifying existing infrastructure within the LINAC Housing and Klystron Gallery to support the installation and operation of a new accelerator system within the existing structures. Structural modifications of the existing structures were required to install the new accelerator and peripherals.

The work included:

  • Mechanical - HVAC: Injector including Cooling, Heating, Humidity, and Controls
  • Mechanical — Ventilation: LINAC Housing including Fans, Ducting, Monitoring, and Controls
  • Mechanical — Process Systems: Compressed, Dry Air; Low Conductivity Water; Process Cooling Water Systems including Pumps, Piping, and Surge Tanks; Labeling of all Process Systems; Make-up Water, System Testing, and Controls
  • Fire Protection: New Piping and Sprinkler Heads in Injector; Sector 0 in the Klystron Gallery; Sector 0 through Sector 7 in the LINAC Housing; and Fire Detection and Alarm System
  • Electrical: Building Power System; Distribution to Equipment; Personnel Protective System Distribution; Branch Circuits and Connections; Wiring Devices; Grounding and Bonding; Lighting System; and Fire Alarm System.