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SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory CryoEM Labs Project

SLAC is relying on JE Dunn to design and construct this project in less than six months. 

JE Dunn is currently working on the B057 CryoEM Lab fit-out. The project includes the fit out of 4 transmission electron microscope rooms(TEM rooms), a shared control room, relative humidity room and installation of a new LN2 fill station by the loading dock of the building. The current lab spaces are all shell spaces; an existing AHU will feed the new spaces with existing HVAC branch connections provided inside the open space.

TEM Rooms and shared control room: 3,200 total SF, including shared equipment chases on the west and east of the spaces. In addition to conventional services for each room, the TEM spaces will include a passive EMI (electromagnetic mitigation interference) shielding, consisting of aluminum panels built into the walls, floors and ceiling to form a Faraday cage and mitigate EMI interference.

Relative Humidity Room: An environmental room will be built out to support the new CryoEM spaces. the RH room will be located on the second floor of the building. Current space is a shell area, approximately 300 SF.

LN2 Fill Station: JE Dunn will furnish and install a new LN2 fill station from the bulk LN2 tank on the south of the building to the loading dock, all new piping.