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Semi-Conductor Facility (Confidential Client)

JE Dunn was hired to perform base build work for the Fab 8.1 Scenario 19 ramp to enable 7nm production that included acid waste treatment systems, process mechanical (vacuum, chilled water, acid exhaust, etc.), power capacity upgrades, clean room build outs, clean room lab build outs, and bulk gas systems.

The firm leveraged virtual design and construction to ensure the project was conflict-free and achieved substantial off-site fabrication, allowing the upgrades to an active advanced manufacturing facility to be predictable and in sync with end user operations.

Although this project was initially a traditional design bid, CM@Risk delivery, JE Dunn worked with the Owner and trade partners to implement an integrated form of agreement where all parties share in both the benefits and risks associated with the project.

This has enabled sharing of resources and production planning to reduce resourced required to deliver the project in a tight labor market.

JE Dunn lead the partner alignment process to enable a Collaborative Project Delivery (CPD). This process aligned expectations and needs of the customer and partners to allow a fully integrated delivery . JE Dunn is teaming with the Owner to implement an EHS and quality program to reduce rework and increase safety.

JE Dunn is also leading the lean construction delivery of its scopes. Use of the Last Planner System, logs, and small wins has enabled smoother work flows.