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Saint Luke's South Hospital Rehabilitation Addition and Renovation

JE Dunn worked with Saint Luke’s to bring their new world-class rehabilitation facility to the community.

The 120,000 SF addition and renovation houses the region’s most comprehensive suite of specialized neurorobotic devices, including 17 unique and cutting-edge neurorobotic pieces of equipment designed to restore movement and function.

The facility also includes:

  • Gym with full range of exercise and rehabilitative equipment
  • 100-foot-long supportive ceiling track with measured segments to practice walking and track progress
  • Staircase with adjustable step heights to build strength and mobility
  • 11,000 SF outdoor garden with a variety of surfaces to work on their movement and balance
  • Access to on-site vehicles for patients to practice entering and exiting vehicles
  • 60 private rooms with community space for music, art, etc.
  • Access to fully functional on-site apartment-style rooms to prepare for their return home