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Reno County Correctional Facility

JE Dunn constructed a new 75,012-square-foot, 250-bed jail in Hutchinson, Kansas. The housing areas include identical pods with prefabricated precast cell modules, a day room, an exercise area, and control room in each pod. The control rooms provide indirect supervision of inmates. The facility also includes intake and booking functions with delineated cells specifically for holding inmates during the booking process. A dedicated medical area will segregate sick inmates with proper accommodations for their medical examination and feature a nurse area and drug storage. Additional areas have been designated for a kitchen, laundry, maintenance dock, storage, visitation, and court hearings. The new building provides staff with an administration wing, locker rooms, and a briefing room, which can double as a multipurpose room open to the public.

The facility was designed to be durable, low maintenance, and secure. The primary skin material is precast concrete insulated panels accented by metal panels and translucent polycarbonate that allow the facility to present a frugal but contemporary appearance that is easy to maintain and will last for many years.