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Parkside on Legacy

This project consists of a three-story, 100,000-square-foot shell office building with associated surface parking sitting on approximately 7.3 acres. The building is tilt wall with a structural steel structure, clad in full wythe masonry and cast stone with full height curtainwall at the entrances. This project also features an upgraded lobby and country club style restrooms.

The JE Dunn and Corgan Associates design-build team utilized a Target Value Design approach to maintain cost control throughout the project. By establishing cost targets for each of the major building components the team was able to maximize the scope of work while staying within the established budget. As the design progressed, “real time” preconstruction was used to monitor cost as the design was developed. If a particular scope item needed additional funds, other scope items were evaluated to find savings to maintain the overall budget. Design and preconstruction activities were integrated throughout the design phase to ensure continuous alignment between the design and budget.

The process of construction is an evolving art that allows for each project team to find creative solutions to maximize efficiency and drive overall value for the client. As with any project, there are many lessons learned, and if given the chance to build the same project again, many variables would be changed. The collaboration on multiple design build projects between Corgan and JE Dunn have helped to streamline the delivery process. Through early involvement of all project members and a high level of communication, the teams were able to work creatively at options to exceed expectations for the owner and complete the project ahead of schedule.

With a fast schedule and tight budget, the collaboration between the team including the owner, contractor, and design and trade partners was key to success on the project. This started early with weekly collaboration meetings with the entire team, establishing clear objectives and deadlines. Setting early expectations helped align the project team and focus the efforts through this early design and permitting process. Through the construction phase, this collaboration didn't stop. The team worked together closely to solve the challenges presented. From complex design changes to unforeseen conditions, the team maintained a high level of communication centered on a focus of one team of many players.

Parkside on Legacy was designed and built with sustainability at top of mind. The landscape design incorporated local North Texas trees and plants along with maximized use of drip irrigation in lieu of traditional sprayers. The MEP design for the project utilizes low-flow plumbing fixtures, point of use instant hot water heaters, and variable speed air handlers. All lighting throughout the project is LED with occupancy sensors in the core areas. The building envelope utilizes high-efficiency glazing systems, and the envelope insulation system exceeds energy code requirements.