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P1275 AMHS Link

This project included a 50,000 SF elevated, multi-level cleanroom link that connected three existing Fab facilities together. These links provided an avenue for an extensively automated material handling system to carry product throughout the different Fabs and reduce tool/equipment redundancy amongst them. This project specifically included new clean links, relocation of 80 existing live utilities and addition of two new utility trestles, and conversion of an existing “dirty” corridor to a clean corridor. The initial project scope was $22M over the Client’s target budget. The team developed and proposed 103 value options (presented in A3 format) during the programming/design phase. JE Dunn proposed $36M in savings and the Client accepted $23M. Equipment procurement saved $3.5M through direct purchasing and introduction of alternate suppliers. A big challenge of the project was its location on the most congested area of campus. Through careful planning of deliveries and a detailed site logistics plan, the complex project was able to maintain factory operations with no impacts to production. Trailblazing this project model and scope ultimately served as the baseline and knowledge base for future, similar projects across the worldwide campuses.