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P1274/75 Basebuild/Layout Dependent

This project consisted of capacity upgrades to an existing clean manufacturing campus to support new manufacturing processes. Construction was performed in Central Utility Buildings, sub-fab support levels and in the cleanrooms. Work consisted of a conversion of an existing 100,000 SF cleanroom from 200 mm to 300 mm wafer fab with extensive mechanical and electrical system upgrades. Upgrades included the installation of make-up air handling units, general and corrosive exhaust systems, ultrapure water system, UPS Power system, oil-free air compressors, boilers, high purity nitrogen, process cooling water and various waste systems to support the new manufacturing processes. The work also included new high purity process piping mains and laterals throughout the sub-fab and cleanroom bay conversions to support new process tools. Previous project success with this Client allowed the team to utilize innovative delivery and contracting strategies. Co-location with the client and Design Build team enhanced the collaborative environment and drove cost, quality and schedule certainty. Lean principles were used throughout, starting with weekly work groups comprised of owner stakeholders, designers, builders and key trade partners working together to develop the design and delivery. The Last Planner System was used to increase productivity and manager commitments.