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P1272/P1275/IMO-RA Progressive Build

“Progressive Build” was a continuous retrofit/conversion effort of small projects and miscellaneous scope throughout three existing Fab facilities and four Central Utility Buildings to further accommodate the latest technology process. The project included reworking existing cleanroom space for new process tools, which required new or modified walls, floor tiles, ceiling grilles, and HVAC. Extensive mechanical and electrical support systems were constructed, including Process Chilled Water, Process & House Vacuum, Process Gasses, waste systems, telecom, power, air systems, general and corrosive exhaust, to support the new and existing process tools. Two 3MW emergency generators and associated electrical and controls systems were replaced which served as the emergency power source for one of the Fab facilities. The project also incorporated a 2,000 SF upgrade to an operating Data Center that supports the technology process. The upgrade included significant electrical rework to provide a new overhead electrical bus duct system, server racks, and finishes.