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OneNeck IT Solutions Data Center

JE Dunn constructed a new data center for OneNeck IT Solutions. The facility serves as the company’s first data center in Colorado and occupies 11.2 acres of land. The data center was designed for rapid expansion and was built in four phases, for a total of 105,000 square feet.

The facility possess many state-of the art features, including a Tier III electrical system with multiple levels of redundancy and backup and an energy saving cooling system that uses evaporative cooling for normal operations and maintains mechanical cooling means in a redundant configuration.

The data center uses space efficiently with a 13kW per cabinet average power density (the normal Colorado home uses about 1kW), with maximums at four times that level or 20kW.

The project includes multiple 1.5MW generators and multiple 180 ton Air Cooled Chillers for power and HVAC redundancy.