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Nashville International Airport Terminal Parking Structure

At Nashville International Airport, we are currently building a new 6-story parking garage above a Ground Transportation Center, in a long-term parking lot adjacent to the existing ConRAC. This project has major implications for NIA’s current operations. It will change the ConRAC ramps, public traffic patterns, relocate toll booths, and reroute substantial site utilities. Long-term parking is a major revenue source and cannot afford to have a significant loss of spaces during construction. The first draft of the project’s phasing plan eliminated upwards of 1,100 parking spaces during peak construction. JE Dunn brought together all stakeholders to better understand the airport’s entire operations. After collaboratively analyzing the details, it became clear what was truly important and what could be worked around. The revised phasing only eliminates 250 spaces during phase one and creates a net positive quantity of spaces during the following phases due to the airport’s ability to use the new garage in a sequenced fashion.