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Leavenworth High School Additions and Remodel

The Leavenworth High School project includes a complete renovation of the 220,000-square-foot existing high school, including five additions, totaling 29,606 square feet.  The additions included a two-story, 13-classroom building with a FEMA shelter; a science classroom addition, including a greenhouse and FEMA shelter; a workshop/dressing rooms addition to the auditorium; a dining room addition at the cafeteria; and a connecting corridor to a separated building. Renovations included new curtain walls at classroom wings, new HVAC systems, lighting and alarm systems and new finishes throughout.

The renovation work included, but was not limited to: new exterior building skin, new roofing in multiple areas, demolition of most non-structural interior walls, new interior non-load bearing walls, reconfiguration of hallways and classrooms, new classroom finishes, new administration area finishes, new auditorium finishes, new flooring, new painting, ceilings, new HVAC system, new electrical service, new sound system, and new fire suppression. All of the work was completed during the school district’s spring semester while school was in-session, as well as over summer vacation.