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KCI Terminals A And C Parking Garages

Constructed in two phases, JE Dunn completed the construction of two new parking garages at the Kansas City International Airport. Designed to sit in the center of individual circular terminals, these two garages were constructed of cast-in-place, post-tensioned concrete with silica added for additional strength and reduced water permeability. To reduce ground-level pedestrian traffic, both parking garages feature underground tunnels connecting them to nearby terminals. Terminal A was completed in 1989 and included a 3-level, $65,801,500, 736,000 SF; 2,232 car structure. The second, Terminal C, was completed in 1999 and had similar characteristics which included a $61,064,000, 736,000 SF, 2,232-car structure. With both structures being completed around a fully operational airport, it was critical that all construction activities be coordinated with airport personnel. Construction areas were cordoned off with construction signage an barriers and in cases where necessary, automobile and pedestrian traffic were re-routed to accommodate both visitors and construction personnel. Where possible, construction was performed in non-peak hours in an effort to avoid disruption to the airport.