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Kansas State University - Seaton Hall/Regnier Hall

The College of Architecture, Planning & Design at Kansas State is consistently ranked among the top architecture schools in the country, yet the aging facilities could not support the innovative culture that was taking place within the program. JE Dunn was part of a multidisciplinary team, which included co-design between architects BNIM and Ennead Architects, landscape architect Confluence and the KSU Studio class led by El Dorado Architects.  This collaborative team provided a cutting-edge learning environment by blending a new expansion with two renovated buildings. The renovation portion included the demolition and updating of 82,291 SF across two buildings and the addition was a four story, 114,065 SF building. 

Throughout the project there were many existing conditions and challenges the team had to overcome.  One example was the multiple utility tunnels running underneath campus, which became a challenge because several intersected at the new building location. JE Dunn laser scanned and created a Building Information Model of these tunnels during preconstruction to assist the design team in identifying their exact location in order to design the auger cast foundations around the tunnels and preventing any conflicts during construction.

After the selective demolition of the two existing buildings, it was found that the existing structures were in poor shape or in one case completely missing a column that was identified on the original as-built drawings. JE Dunn worked with the design team and trade partners to provide solutions on how to reinforce the old structure while still maintaining schedule.

JE Dunn also laser scanned the interior of Seaton East and Mechanics Hall, allowing the team to route mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems more effectively with Building Information Modeling between structural members and between floors.