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Johnson Ferry Baptist Church Addition

JE Dunn tied on a three-level 68,734-square-foot multi-purpose addition with concrete and steel framing and a combination of EIFS and brick skin and punch windows to the existing building. This addition included a gymnasium, offices and a High School worship area. We renovated the old gymnasium, built a new baptistery, new security offices and moved a library and book store into newly renovated space. We also added two classroom levels to the existing preschool and renovated it. We saved the church money by locking in the contract on the design development package. We finished on time, despite record breaking rains. The superintendent conducted tours and made a temporary path through the construction site every Friday so that the congregation could enter the church on Sunday’s through the construction site which was great marketing/fund raising tool for the church (at ribbon cutting they generating $2.7 million - one million more than their goal.