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IRS Processing and Data Complex

Built over a three year period, the IRS Data and Processing campus is a Federal Construction project comprised of four areas, this project includes a new 620,000-sqaure-foot IRS Processing Building and 1.2 million-square-foot parking garage; 160,000-square-foot renovation of the Railway Express Building for the USPS; new 440,000-square-foot, four-story parking garage at Union Station; and new above- and below-ground 312-car parking garage.

This project updates and consolidates IRS operations that were dispersed among five major locations within the Kansas City metropolitan area and represents a winning combination for all parties involved. The IRS gets a new state-of-the-art Service Center, consolidating its scattered business operations into one location, the GSA houses its client in first class space, and Kansas City benefits by having almost 6,000 Federal jobs relocated within the urban core.