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Independent Presbyterian Church Steeple Repair

JE Dunn recently completed 22 stories of steeple repairs for Independent Presbyterian Church. The project began in March 2014 and included scaffolding around the entire steeple, prevention of water intrusion, restoration of the four clocks on the steeple, complete repair and restoration of the cast iron steel, removal of existing paint to the bare metal, applying a rust prohibiter, and new epoxy coatings. In addition, JE Dunn provided partial replacement of mortar, re-grouting of the stone, and priming, caulking, and re-painting of the entire steeple. Constructing the right team of partners who had extensive experience in scaffolding and restoration work for this project was critical for the project to be completed on time in August 2015.

This landmark structure was seen in the opening of the movie "Forest Gump." The white feather falling from the sky passes by the tall steeple of the Independent Presbyterian Church.

The church remains a source of community pride and invokes a sense of shared responsibility to preserve it. Independent Presbyterian Church has a history of building in a way that affirms continuity, tradition and harmony within its four-building campus, as well as within the historic district of Savannah.