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IMO-RA Basebuild/Layout Dependent

Early full team collaboration made this highly complex, technical upgrade possible and mitigated risk and uncertainty throughout the life cycle of the project. 

This project included a 65,000 SF retrofit of an existing fab facility for a new technology process. The team built out vacant cleanroom space for process tools, which required new walls, floor tiles, ceiling grilles, and HVAC. Extensive mechanical and electrical support systems were constructed, including chilled water, process and house vacuum, process gasses, ultra-pure water, waste systems, telecom, power, air systems, and general and corrosive exhaust to support the new Fab space and process tools. The project also incorporated a 4,000 SF upgrade to an operating data center that provided IT support to the technology process. The team helped the Client adopt a new Design Build (DB) contracting strategy with a GMP and shared savings compensation method to create an Integrated Project Delivery (IPD), collaborative environment geared towards improved cost and schedule certainty. We engaged our design partner along with key trade partners during the programming phase which enabled the team to challenge the traditional/historic project delivery model used by the organization. Project risk was continuously evaluated through collaborative discussions as well as weekly project indicators that included cost, schedule, safety, quality, and closeout data. These indicators provided a snapshot of “project health” and enabled the team to focus on areas of concern to further minimize risk.