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High Bay Rack Supported ASRS Facility

As part of a larger warehouse modernization effort, JE Dunn constructed a 96,000 SF fully automated warehouse adjacent to a 1.2 million SF facility. This separate, stand-alone, rack supported warehouse replaces the previous warehouse that was insufficient, given the complexities and scale of operation. The facility contains 120 modules, supporting 35 tons per module. Four aisles run in a north to south direction, with storage space from floor to ceiling, with four automated cranes picking from 65,000 pallet locations and delivering product to workers in the adjacent facility for final review by quality control staff. As a rack supported structure, 100 percent of the interior of the building is dedicated to storage, with siding that is directly attached to the storage racks and a roof providing enclosure. The automated storage and retrieval system (ASRS), designed by Dematic, has the ability to pick orders as programmed, starting with bins at ground level and extending to roof height at 110 feet. The building sits on a 24” slab on grade and is over 100 feet tall, with the racking system forming the structure of the building. The finished structure is 700 feet long and 140 feet wide. JE Dunn performed sub-grade work, as well as mechanical, electrical, siding and roofing. Our work was closely coordinated with Dematic to ensure a seamless ASRS installation.