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Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Concourse T HVAC Upgrades

The Concourse T HVAC Upgrades project encompassed 492,186 square feet at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. All HVAC systems and ceilings in Concourse T were completely replaced and tied into the existing building automation system. Much of this work occurred in compressed areas, including above-ceiling work in passenger and active office areas, where each area was returned to its original condition prior to the next morning’s work day. The detailed work performed on Concourse T also required close coordination with numerous stakeholders within the airport during non-peak hours to ensure zero passenger and airline personnel disturbance. During the Concourse T project, 33 tenants were affected by the ongoing work, all of which were kept apprised of project activities.

The Concourse T HVAC upgrades project included four crane lifts that required coordination with Delta’s tower to ensure airplanes were not parked overnight at gates that provided material off-load areas. In addition to the crane lifts for equipment and material placement, the project included infrastructure for support of items such as new ceilings, structural support and wall opening modifications.

Most work occurred directly above passenger boarding areas and office spaces. Several precautions were taken to safeguard passengers. These measures included securing all light fixtures, diffusers, smoke detectors and ceiling fixtures from the structure and tagging them for structural soundness with highly visible red tags, reinforcing the safety in each area where the ceiling and grid was removed. As an additional precautionary measure, scaffolding and netting was installed in high-traffic areas, which made for a compressed work area, but also ensured passenger safety by ensuring no debris fell from the overhead work area. The aforementioned practices were executed flawlessly on numerous occasions throughout Concourse T.