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Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport Air Cargo Building C

Air Cargo Building C is a 130,431 SF, two-story building with a high-bay central cargo operations area and no interior columns. The building consists of a mix of cast-in-place, precast architectural and glass-fiber reinforced concrete, masonry and structural steel. Support spaces are on a partial second floor. Truck staging and parking areas are also included.

Due to the close proximity of the building to the aircraft operations area (AOA), JE Dunn utilized asphalt spray mulching during the site work phases of the project. This practice, as opposed to hay, as is normally used, prevented the risk of materials blowing onto the tarmac and entering an airplane’s engine.

As with all projects at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, a high level of coordination took place to ensure a safe and disturbance-free

construction process. As part of the project, SIDA fencing required relocation. JE Dunn closely coordinated this process with the TSA. Precast installation along the back side of the building also required a similar degree of coordination due to the necessity of working in the AOA for this portion of the project.

The project was also closely coordinated with the activities of Cargo Building D. Tenants were notified of any upcoming utility interruptions and their schedules were accommodated accordingly.

Air Cargo Building C completes the South Cargo Complex and is identical to the three existing facilities in the complex. The LEED Silver facility supports Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport’s mission to increase cargo traffic and drive economic development and jobs creation.