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GSA Peace Arch U.S. Port of Entry

GSA Peace Arch U.S. Port of Entry


This large, complex renovation project required extensive collaboration between JE Dunn, the GSA, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, the Federal Highway Administration, the Washington State Department of Transportation, the City of Blaine, as well as agencies in Canada to complete the project. The site is10 acres and is bounded by Semiahoo Bay to the west and Peace Arch State Park and the Canadian border to the North. Construction began in 2007, but the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, B.C. changed the phasing and extended the schedule. Already the third most-traveled northern border crossing, the project team revised the project schedule and reworked the construction sequence to accommodate the influx of traffic for the Olympics. The project team installed seven temporary inspection booths to handle the additional traffic.

The design is comprised of four basic elements: A metallic panel and glass curtain wall clad conventional two-story rectangular building, which houses the public and administrative offices of Customs and Border Protection; Primary Vehicle Inspection consisting of 10 individual processing booths with a single steel roof structure; Secondary Inspections including 40 parking spaces covered by a steel roof structure; and New I-5 northbound bridge and design-build highway work carrying traffic over the west end of the new port building and allowing vehicular traffic for secondary inspections to flow beneath.

The Peace Arch has 10 primary inspection lanes, which increased from eight. The secondary inspection booths can process 54 vehicles at a time, which is double its previous capacity, and a new Port building was constructed to replace the 30-year-old facility that they had outgrown. The new facilities at Peace Arch are celebrated for their added efficiency and sustainability, and its LEED Gold rating.