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Garmin International Manufacturing Addition and Remodel

This project involved a remodel and a 113,692-square-foot, three-story addition to the manufacturing facility located on the Garmin corporate campus. Constructed with a concrete structure and precast skin, this building features an expanded facility. The basement area is fully functional and contains five vibratory laboratories for test aviation equipment. During construction, temporary laboratories were installed because of their critical nature and remained operational throughout construction. Specialty electrical and HVAC systems were installed throughout this area. In addition, an anti-static epoxy flooring system was installed. The floor was prepared and properly grounded and acts like a capacitor, which absorbs the static in the area to keep it from the electronic parts that are being tested.

The basement also contains the Machine Shop where product ideas are brought to reality through a joint venture of a computer program and aluminum molds. Once designs are finalized, Garmin engineers use pneumatic lines to build a prototype for product testing as well as market research. The first floor contains office space and a loading dock. A standard elevator is included, as is a 15,000-lb freight elevator. The second floor contains shell office space and provides space for future growth.