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Fort Bend Justice Center

The Fort Bend County Justice Center (FBCJC) is a 265,000-square-foot, four-story neoclassical building with a five-story, 85 foot high domed rotunda from which secured entry, all circulation and access takes place. The FBCJC houses 17 courtrooms, judges’ chambers, jury assembly and grand jury rooms, with future expansion provisions for 10 additional courtrooms. In addition, the Fort Bend County Justice Center houses District and County Clerk offices, District Attorney and Bailiff’s offices, a law library and 13 other court-related departments.

The lower level includes holding cells for 112 incarcerated adults and juveniles with future provisions for 45 additional cells that access the courtrooms through a secured on-grade sally port. The holding cells were developed utilizing Texas Jail Commission Standards and were reviewed and approved by TJCS. The Justice Center incorporates the latest security systems required for county facilities.