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Effingham County Sheriff’s Office and Jail

Effingham County Sheriff’s Office and Jail


JE Dunn completed a 76,000 SF, 118-cell, 204-bed new county jail with kitchen and laundry, booking and administrative facilities for Effingham County. There is an additional 124 beds in the walkway that connects the jail to the prison.JE Dunn returned $930,000 in savings to the Owner, giving the county the ability to renovate the Sheriff’s office. The project team implemented Lean construction principles including pull planning and daily stand-up meetings which allowed the project to be completed two months ahead of schedule.

The Sheriff’s Office includes 18,606 SF of finished interior area, 1,516 SF of detective’s work space, 860 SF of evidence storage, 955 SF enclosed sally port and 317 SF exercise room. The project also includes a training room, armory, and interview room with an adjacent media recording room.